Upgrading the Monoprice Mini Delta

After getting the printer up and running, I started looking at ways to improve the quality of the prints. It was time for some upgrades. Build Platform After printing a few knick knacks it came time to print something useful, and what's more useful than printing parts for the printer itself? The first part I… Continue reading Upgrading the Monoprice Mini Delta

More Adventures in cheap 3D printing

In this second installment, I wanted to delve deeper into my experiences working with my Monoprice Mini Delta 3D printer. After printing three maneki-neko cats which came bundled on the included 128MB micro SD card, it was time to print a design of my choosing. To set the printer loose on the wide world of… Continue reading More Adventures in cheap 3D printing

Adventures in cheap 3D printing

I will admit, I'm a little late to the party. I've had a distant interest in the world of 3D printing for a while now, but until now I couldn't reasonably justify taking on another expensive hobby. That is, until it ceased to be an expensive hobby. Enter the MonoPrice Delta Mini 3D Printer. Monoprice… Continue reading Adventures in cheap 3D printing